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CATSYS is a fully functional web-based container and transport integrated system designed to manage all container transport and logistics needs, and provides many benefits:
  • Increase freight bill profitability and easily manage company resources
  • Use one software package for both operational and job costing
  • Attain the flixibility to manage a range of trucking services in one software package
  • Benefit from the stability of a proven solution developed by a reputably software developer
  • Easily monitor job profitability and make crucial business decisions in real-time
  • Enhance customer service levels by delivering online information accessabile 24/7

There are different modules that can be combined to provide a perfectly suited solution for your business. Select a module to see its primary functions.

Delivery Module

Train Module

Wharf Module

Logistics Support Module

Remote Access Module

ITV Module

Warehouse Module

Wash Bay Module

Maintenance Module

Accreditation Module

Daily Checks Module

Reports Module

Available Sub-Modules

Forklift Module

Driver Module

Invoicing Module

Dashboard Module

Job Costing Module

Bookings Module

Public Displays Module
Available Sub-Modules

Client Access Module

Broker Access Module